What is Hyzaar?

Hyzaar is a drug that is used for the treatment of high blood pressure. Apart from that, Hyzaar can also be used in lowering the risk of stroke in people suffering from high blood pressure as well as an enlarged heart. It is important to note that lowering high blood pressure in patients will go a long way to prevent issues like heart attacks, strokes as well as kidney problems.

Hyzaar is known to contain hydrochlorothiazide that prevents the body from absorbing excess salt and Losartan. Note that Losartan which is an angiotensin receptor blocker is what keeps the blood vessel from narrowing and as a result, blood pressure is lowered and blood flow is improved.

Hyzaar is a very popular drug and it does not even cost much to get.

What is the Generic Name for Hyzaar?

Note that Hyzaar is the brand name but the generic name is hydrochlorothiazide and losartan

Drug Class

Hyzaar belongs to a class of Angiotensin II inhibitors with Thiazides which means that the medication is a combination of both the thiazide and angiotensin II inhibitors. It is important to note that this angiotensin II inhibitor is what stops the angiotensin II receptor from activating and this result in aldosterone production reduction, vasodilation as well as reduced vasopressin.

What is it Used for?

Hyzaar is used in the treatment of high blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension. Besides, it can also be used for lowering the risk of stroke especially in some people who have heart disease. There may be other uses of this drug not captured here but it is important to first consult your doctor before taking it. Note that it is possible for your doctor to suggest this drug for other medical conditions if appropriate.

Another important thing to note is that you are not expected to give this medication to another person even if they show the same normal symptoms. Taking this drug without consulting the doctor is not advisable for any reason.


Note that the dosage of Hyzaar will vary from patient to patient and that is why you must have to follow the advice of your doctor when taking the drug. However, the average dosage for Hyzaar is the basel9ne for all dosage for this drug. If you are given a different dosage, do not worry about it as long as it is prescribed by the doctor.

It is important to understand that the quantity of drug being taken into the system will always depend on the strength of the drug. In addition, the number of times required to take these doses and the intervals allowed will always depend on the health problem for which the drug is taken.

Dosage for High Blood Pressure- Take the tablet orally starting one a day, the doctor may increase this dosage if he/she finds it appropriate. Averagely, it is normally 25mg of hydrochlorothiazide and 100mg of losartan taken once a day. For children, the dosage is different but it has to be prescribed by a doctor.
In addition, patients who have high blood pressure and enlargement of the heart can lower the risk of stroke by taking one tablet a day or as prescribed by the doctor.

There is a possibility that you could miss your dose and when this happens, you are expected to take it as soon as possible. However, if it is not really possible, then you go over to the next dose but on no account should you double dose meaning you should not take an over dosage of the drug even if you miss the initial dose.

Mechanism of Action

Hyzaar contains hydrochlorothiazide and losartan for the purpose of lowering your high blood pressure. It is important to note that losartan which is the in family of angiotensin II receptor blockers actually lowers the blood pressure through the relaxation of the blood vessels.

In addition, hydrochlorothiazide is part of a group of medications that are known as diuretics or water pills and what this does is to help control the blood pressure through getting rid of the excess water and salt. The combination of this drug into a single tablet ensures that medical condition is brought under control.

Drug Interactions

Like every other drug, it is possible for Hyzaar drug to interact with some different drugs and as such should not be used together with it. In this case, it is important to tell your doctors all the drugs you have taken or presently taken.

The implication is that your doctor can change the dose or the drugs entirely if necessary. Drugs like other blood pressure medications, any other “water pill”, colestipol, rifampin, oral diabetes medication, tizanidine, lithium, narcotic medications and many other drugs can interact with Hyzaar. Others include over the counter drugs, herbal products and some vitamins can also interact with the drug.

There is also a possibility that certain foods may also interact with the drugs. For example, tobacco or alcohol use when on hyzaar may cause some interaction to occur. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from all alcohol and other foods that could interact with the drug.

Side Effects

Side effect simply means the unwanted reaction to any drug when it is taken at a normal dosage. Like any other drug, Hyzaar has its own possible side effects. However, it is important to seek for an emergency medical help if you observe any reaction to the drug. There are different stages of side effects and it could be mild, severe or can even cause a permanent damage to the organs of the body.

In some cases even though it can be rare, Hyzaar can lead to the breakdown of the muscle tissues and this can cause kidney failure. However, it is important to call your doctors immediately if you start experiencing an unusual muscle pain and weakness especially if you are having fever and an unusual tiredness at the same time,

The side effects can be classified as major and minor

Minor Side Effects

These kinds of side effects are those that may not really need any medical treatment or attention. It normally appears at the initial stage of taking the drugs and will likely go away as you continue taking the medication. Your doctor will likely tell you how you can reduce the side effects at this stage, however, if it continues and becomes worrisome, it is important to open up to your doctor. Some of the minor side effects include stomach pain, sore throat, headache, dizziness, flu like symptoms, sinus problems and dry cough.

Major side effect

These are much more serious side effects that should require medical attention when it occurs. It is important to consult your doctor as soon as you begin to notice the following side effects

  • Rapid heartbeat or heart palpitations
  • Bleeding signs. For example, when there is blood in the urine, bleeding gums and unusual nosebleeds
  • Signs of gout like swelling and joint pains
  • Skin rash in addition to joint pains
  • Signs of unexplainable muscle and back pain
  • Kidney problems like swelling ankles, feet and decreased urination
  • Any sign of liver damage like brown urine, loss of appetite, infections, increased thirst etc.

Other side effects like hair loss; weight gain as well as leg cramps have also been reported.  It is also very necessary to inform your doctor of any medical condition you may be having before taking the hyzaar drugs. Some of these conditions include

Diabetes: This drug may cause difficulty for people having diabetes to control their sugar level and it may even worsen the situation. Therefore, you must ensure that you discuss with your doctor to know how the drug will affect your condition.

Kidney Function: This drug has a composition that could affect the working of the kidney especially for those having kidney stones. However, you can discuss with your doctor to know how taking this drug can affect your condition.

Erectile Dysfunction: It is important to tell your doctor if you have erectile dysfunction before taking hyzaar.

Other medications that could possibly interact with hyzaar include alcohol, amphetamines, medications that are aimed at increasing the blood level of potassium, beta blocker like propranolol and carvedilol among others. In addition, it is also advisable to avoid grapefruit as it can decrease the active drug.

Is Hyzaar an ACE Inhibitor?

Note that Hyzaar is not an ACE inhibitor even though it has some similar properties. Hyzaar is one of the angiotensin receptive blocker type of drug that works similar to the ACE inhibitor counterpart to control the blood pressure. However, hyzaar being angiotensin receptive blocker has a little bit more specific method of action.

In fact, Hyzaar is an upgrade on the ACE inhibitor type of medication. The only thing about Hyzaar is that being a new type of drug, it may not have gathered the required evidence to support its use outside treating blood pressure unlike the ACE inhibitors.

Difference Between Cozaar and Hyzaar

Cozaar and Hyzaar looks like an identical drug especially when considering that hyzaar is a composition of losartan and hydrochlorothiade. They are both good medicine to lower blood pressure. However, they are different in a way from cost to side effects as well as other benefits.

However, one of the main differences between Cozaar and Hyzaar is that while hyzaar is only taken for conditions of high blood pressure and Edema in rare cases, Cozaar can be taken for conditions which include high blood pressure, chronic heart failure as well as kidney diseases

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