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U15 Pill

By on April 6th, 2017 in Drugs and Medications

U15 pill (Acetaminophen/oxycodone hydrochloride 325 mg / 5 mg) Oxycodone mixed with Acetaminophen is a highly effective pain medication. It has a long history of being used incorrectly and abused. Crushing and snorting this oblong white pill can cause long lasting addiction which is very difficult to break. Oxycodone/Acetaminophen should only be used under direct […]

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ip466 pill (Ibuprofen 800 mg)

By on April 2nd, 2017 in Drugs and Medications

Ibuprofen is classified under various drug types. It is not a narcotic although it appears that it is often confused for Vicodin or Percocet by lay persons. The pill which is marked with IP466 is the highest dose of Ibuprofen 800mg. Although it is a potent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antirheumatic agent it is not […]

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